Refurbishment and fit-out

With a refurbishment or fit-out, implementation of your office design presents its own challenges, but you can rest assured that our experienced and diligent project managers will make it happen with the minimum of worry or disruption.

We will use our extensive network of professional tradespeople or work with your own preferred suppliers to bring to life the concept of your newly designed office space.

Office partitions

Installation of office partitions is an effective way to sub-divide your workplace without resorting to structural changes. Partitions can be used to create a cellular or departmental office layout or to provide areas of privacy, such as meeting rooms or boardrooms, within a busy office environment.

Availability of an almost infinite range of materials, including sprayed metal, glass and timber, enables us to design a solution that reflects your corporate identity, while meeting requirements for factors such as prevention of noise pollution or dispersion of natural light.

Small building works and decoration

Reorganising your office space may become necessary to accommodate expansion or changing business needs, or you may simply want to refresh or modernise your working environment.

Whether this involves re-positioning existing partitions or decorating, we approach such assignments with the same level of care and attention to detail as a large-scale project, frequently arranging for works to take place at weekends or during holidays so your day-to-day business activities are unaffected.

Dilapidations and re-fits

In the event that your tenancy or lease is at an end and your business is leaving its offices, we can assist with your obligations to make repairs and reinstate any alterations to return the premises to its pre-existing state.

In what can be an area of dispute between commercial landlords and tenants, we are able to help negotiate the schedule of dilapidations with your landlord and undertake the works to the satisfaction of both parties.

Office lighting

The importance of good office lighting design, in terms of both its practical application and aesthetic effect, cannot be underestimated. Lighting will have an impact on the health and safety of your workforce in addition to productivity levels, so it is crucial to determine the correct lighting levels for your office.

Drawing on our specialist lighting design experience and in-depth understanding of the latest technologies, we can provide you with the optimum illumination throughout your entire office space, while our technical expertise ensures that all necessary workplace and installation regulations are met.


The provision of well-designed washrooms, shower and disabled facilities is an important component of modern office environments, with basic washroom facilities becoming increasingly unacceptable.

There are many options and products available in today’s market, ranging from standard to luxury, and we are able to guide you through the various solutions to find the one that best suits your budget and aspirations.

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